01 The Top Things that Bug us in Tech

Welcome to Nixxing, our new Podcast dedicated to life working in tech!

We’re Dan and Steve, and we’ve both taken the scenic route into tech. Together we’ve got over thirty years of experience learning what it’s like to build software, work in tech teams and work with all the different, amazing (and sometimes infuriating!) people that work in tech.

This podcast is here to help put to bed all the jargon, tech-bro-talk and confusion we’ve experienced over the years. To tell you our experiences through our stories. Maybe you’ll learn something, maybe you won’t! Either way, come and have a coffee with us while we chat.

In Episode 1 Steve and Dan talk through the top three things that bug them about working in the tech world. It’s worth noting that Steve’s story about the hedgehog and the fox was first told by Isiah Berlin, not Irving Berlin. It does, however, now make me want to see a musical about woodland creatures!

We hope you Enjoy our very first Podcast.

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