Building software is great fun but there are also times when it isn’t.

Nixxing.com is a place for honest and open discussion about the many ways people turn ideas into working code. Clearly there are wrong ways but we don’t believe in a single ‘right way’ or pretend we know what that right way may look like.

This site created for you by agile coach Dan Woodward & tech leader Steve Creedon. We both spend large parts of our day talking to teams but too often that really means talking to two or three vocal people that already get much of what we’re telling them. We’d like this site to reach out to everyone that didn’t speak out by providing our thoughts on software engineering in a way that we hope is enjoyable, easy to understand and free of dogma.

Our Podcasts are open talks about all the things that go wrong as well as right building software.

We also have nixx cards that cover much of the jargon around software development with a healthy dose of real world experience thrown in.

We strive to be more “fun” than “fan” & more “engineer” than “rocket-scientist”.

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